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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Will HEATH LEDGER be remembered as the Knight or the evil Joker/Clown/Dark Knight?

(The two posts on Heath Ledger by Marita, refer back from a longer piece of Marita's I posted for Chris Knowles and for the occasion of the release of the "Dark Knight" Batman movie this Friday, the 18th of July.)

by Marita of South Africa


The court royals relates to 16 aspects of a single personality. They correspond to the four types delineated by the psychologist, Carl Jung, to the various rites of passage and to the sequential stages of human ontogenic maturation.

The exercise of force and will. Death of an old energy cycle and birth of a new. Transition, search, going beyond. Evolution. Support from powerful persons. Deals with completion of long cycles.

Negative it can mean abuse or misuse of power. The need to control others. Extreme masculinity. Extremely conservative and traditional. Tunnel vision. Obsession.
the Knight may indicate a sudden change of events

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This medieval adventure tale is very loosely inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's -The Canterbury Tales

I have to add that the Knights Tale in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales reminds me of a general theme here - as how he is portrayed in Chaucer's tale as how he sees himself (once again the mirror comes to mind) and the world as well as how he perceives the world sees him.

"Finally, death is the end of every worldly sore."

We have established that there are direct links between the crow and the jester/joker as an archetype, that reminds me of the most famous knight that was also the court joker/jester namely Dagonet.

Was the trigger Nick Drake? sorry the paranoid conspiracy theorist in me can't help it. ha ha ha!!!

Autopsy inconclusive on actor Heath Ledger

Ed Pilkington in New York, Barbara McMahon in Sydney and Dan Glaister, Wednesday January 23 2008

An autopsy conducted on the actor Heath Ledger was inconclusive, New York medical examiners said today, and it will take almost two weeks for a cause of death to be determined.

Ledger, 28, was found dead in a New York apartment yesterday afternoon, his naked body lying face down at the foot of the bed.

Authorities moved today to correct earlier reports that pills had been strewn around the room. Sources said that the medication found in the apartment was in containers on a bedside table and in a bathroom cabinet.

Ledger's family had earlier contacted an American news website to deny its report that the 28-year-old had committed suicide.

"The autopsy was finished and the cause of death for Mr Ledger will be pending further study. We have to do additional testing and investigation. It's going to be about 10 days to two weeks," said Ellen Borakove, spokeswoman for the office of chief medical examiner.

The Australian actor's death prompted President Bush to cancel an event aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse.

"We thought it would be better to postpone the event rather than run the risk of anyone thinking that we were being opportunistic in highlighting the issue," a spokeswoman said.

Speculation that his death may have involved prescription medicines was rife following reports that sleeping pills were found near his body. In a recent interview with the New York Times, the actor confirmed that he had taken sleeping pills following a punishing schedule of filming.

Heath Ledger accidental overdose 'unlikely', says doctor

Heath Ledger inspired by troubled British singer Nick Drake

HEATH Ledger was obsessed with a reclusive '70s musician who died in eerily similar circumstances at the age of 26.

Heath Ledger was a Phoenix in 'A Knight's Tale'!

Heath Ledger was a Phoenix in 'A Knight's Tale'! by Marita

"You cannot miss this watching the movie. It's everywhere. The 'triple phoenix' is the crest design used by his character, a 'fake' knight, along with his two friends as they try to beat real knights in jousting tournaments. (Expand the picture below to see the phoenix crest.) Ledger's character is clearly identified with the phoenix. (If you doubt this, just watch the movie!)

[Yes, it is the phoenix - read this]

This is a chilling confirmation of what I had suspected for the 'Demon Days' window of January 20-24 - a 'phoenix death' ('chaos') event. As I wrote in 'Orange Gate 2008: The Phoenix Ignition' ( posted Jan. 13):

Still, the rise of the Phoenix/Atlantis [ed. referring to space shuttle Atlantis's Feb. 7 launch] is 'order out of chaos', hence any rising 'ritual' may still require some form of 'chaos' to accompany/precede it. Perhaps that's where the 'Demon Days' of January will come in... We'll just have to see.

Heath Ledger died on January 22nd.


Now, as noted before, January 22nd was precisely when Comet Holmes passed right in front of the 'Demon Star' Algol reflected by Ledger's demonic 'Joker' character in 'The Dark Knight' to be released this summer... which is another 'knight' movie. Even more compelling, I was informed by a reader more familiar with the Batman series that one of the supervillains Batman regularly fights is named 'Ra's al Ghul' which is the original form of the name 'Algol'! Like Ledger, he's even comparable to the phoenix:

Ra's al Ghul... is a DC Comics supervillain and an enemy of Batman. His name is Arabic for "the ghoul's head" (the Demon's Head, see Algol). [...] Ra's al Ghul has lived for several centuries thanks to his use of Lazarus Pits which he has used countless times replenishing his aged, injured, or even dead body. [...]

Remember, we're not noticing patterns lazily in hindsight here. There is a considerable amount of foresight involved in all this (projections => confirmations) which serves to greatly help prove the validity of the patterns being discussed. You see it done on Etemenanki regularly even though it should normally be 'impossible', which should tell you something about the nature of 'reality'... that there is 'Enki' whispering on the other side of the wall."

Twins/ Mirror/ Before and After

"Dorion Grey "after""

Ivan Albright's Twin brother did the piture of Dorian Grey "before"

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