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Om Shreem Hreem Shreem
Kamale Kamalaleyi
Praseed Praseed
Om Shreem Hreem Shreem
Mahalaxmiyei Namaha

The Head of the Gayatri

OM Bhuh! - the physical realm or earth, realm of being or food

OM Bhuvah! - the vital plane or atmosphere, realm of becoming or breath

OM Suvah! - the mental plane, space or heaven, realm of illumination

OM Mahah! - the sphere of cosmic mind, realm of Dharma

OM Janah! - the realm of creation or bliss

OM Tapah! - the realm of consciousness-force

OM Satyam! - the realm of absolute truth

The Body of the Mantra


Tat - That

Savitur - Of Savitar, the solar Creator

Varenyam - Supreme

Bhargo - Effulgence

Devasya - Of the God

Dhimahi - We meditate

Dhiyo - Intelligences, minds

Yo - Who

Nah - Our

Prachodayat - May direct

"We meditate upon the supreme effulgence of the Divine Solar Creator that he may direct our minds."

The Tail of the Gayatri


Apo - the Cosmic Waters

Jyoti - the Cosmic Light

Rasomritam - the Immortal Essence

Brahma - the Absolute

Bhur - the physical

Bhuvas - the atmospheric

Suvar - the realm of space

OM - the four higher realms

"OM, the waters, the light, the immortal essence, Brahman, earth, atmosphere, heaven, OM."

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"What About Marie?"

Red Crane

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