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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WIZ of OZ Moving, NYC

Spotted on a parked moving truck, Sullivan St. Greenwixch Village, and various other places around town.

Re-Posted the letter below, on the subject of Purim, for "Yak-ov" i.e. Jake.

Relevance for "synchromysticism"
1. Theme: Good and Evil behind same mask.
2. Yet, we do things to remove evil from the world.
3. It's Ha-shem's big secret and mystery.

Dearest sweetest friends,

Good Purim! We celebrate the holiday of Purim this Thursday night and Friday during the day. The main thing about Purim is joy. Since the miracle of Purim occurred through parties and alcohol, we re-enact these scenes in the celebration of this holiday. Purim is a party time. It is even a rabbinic custom to drink so much alcohol that you do not know the difference between good and evil. That does not seem like the kind of behavior that you would imagine that rabbis would recommend, but the rabbis wanted us to go beyond our rational minds to the " I do not know " consciousness. In this altered state we just might have a glimpse of a deeper truth that everything in life is divine providence. Good and evil are masks of the one G-d. Ultimately, there is only G-d. The joy of Purim is when we can see through the masks of reality and see G-d. People dress up in costumes on Purim to demonstrate that life is full of masks, but it is so much fun because we know on Purim that G-d is behind them all. For the most fun, dress up in a costume that no one will even know who you are. You will be hidden like G-d and you will feel so close to G-d. Please see my book Kabbalah Month by Month for more teachings about Purim and all the holidays. Good Purim. May the joy of Purim remove evil from this world.

Love and blessings, Miriam Shulamit

Good Purim!! Good Purim!!

During the holiday of Purim there is a beautiful custom of sending gifts of fruit and cake to friends via a third party. Giving "Shalach manos", these gift bundles, increase joy and love. I encourage everyone to send Shalach manos to at least two people. Only by doing this will you get a taste of what Purim is about. My teacher Reb Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory spoke often of deeper teachings of this custom. Here is an excerpt of a teaching from him during a concert about Purim and Shalah manos. It gives you a taste of who Reb Shlomo was:

"On Purim I send Shalach manos to my friends, not face to face. You know on Yom Kippur I am standing before G-d and I tell G-d "This I did right, this I did wrong." On Purim, I am standing with all my secrets, maybe all the secret things I did wrong but also all the secret things I did which were so beautiful. You know friends I want you to know, this is the deepest depth, when you love somebody so much is when you do things for them that you do not want them to know. You know what is a real Jew? I wish I could do something for the One, for the Only One, without G-d knowing. I wish I could do something for my children, for my wife, for all of Israel for the whole world without anyone knowing. Sometimes it is hard not to do wrong when nobody knows about it, But those mitzvot, those good deeds, you do secretly, they give you strength and holiness to be holy when you are just alone with G-d.

I want you to know my beautiful friends, my friends are not friends because of those things they know I did for them. They are my friends because of all those unbelievable holy things I did for them without them knowing. You know, my friends, we are learning this at night. When it is dark, when nobody knows, Even G-d, so to speak is hiding a bit, We do not even want G-d to know how much we love the Torah.

I want you to know my beautiful friends. When I give "Shalach manos," I am sending a message to my friend, I am telling "' I ' ll never know, I ' ll never know all the holy deeds you did that I was not aware of. Oh, my friend, I believe you are so holy. You are so precious to G-d, You are so beautiful. I am sending you Shlach Manos, not face to face: to let you know I wish I could do everything in the world for you without you knowing."

Yom Kippur is very holy but Purim is much more holy because on Yom Kippur I talk to G-d about everything I know, but Purim is when I am pouring out my heart about everything I do not know. That is the story of Esther. Esther comes from the word " Hester Pahneem" secret and hidden. G-d did miracles for us without us knowing. You know my beautiful friends, Everything in the world, whatever happens in the world is just God's secret. .." From the heart of Reb Shlomo of blessed memory."
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Yes, you are supposed to "get drunk" on Purim. And I will continue to contend the Passover ritual is the structure of a drinking game.

I met and "hung-out" with the Shlomo Carlebach, "back in the day." He was very full of love.

All the best,

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