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Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Pan Man" & Beppe Grillo, Normal Reflexes and the New Middle Ages

What To Do?

Part 1, the following, by "Pan Man" of MySpace:

"Debunking the debunkers makes 9/11 Truthers look lame!"

Body: "The longer we argue the obvious, the weaker we get as Truthers.

If you catch a child covered with chocolate and ask him if he has been in to the Hershey's Syrup, you fully expect to be told the obvious Truth.

If the child, afraid of punishment for being naughty, makes up an incredible story about how 19 Arabs broke in to the house in broad daylight, "hijacked" him out of bed, flew him down to the kitchen, managed their stealth without being detected by the security and defense system, poured the forbidden substance all over the kitchen and the innocent youth and then caused themselves to vaporize before they could be discovered, leaving the poor child to explain this entire scenario to his incredulous mother, it should be expected that a responsible parental authority would not engage the wayward lad in a 5 and a half year debate about such an obvious and deceitful story.

There should not be a reason to line up countless "experts" on both sides to affirm or debunk the fanciful account. The child should be cleaned up and given a "time out" with some solitary confinement to consider the consequences of both his crime and his attempted cover up of the indisputable evidence of his wrong doing...wouldn't you think?

Shouldn't we think?"

Pan Man

"Straw Dogs" by Beppe Grillo

News is like a bulletin of war. Every day children are raped, killed, pensioners are cut to pieces in their beds, sick people in the hospitals treated like butcher’s meat, women raped, politicians (but then what does this term mean?) ignorant, convicts, parrots of the small screen.

The violations of the law (but then what does this term mean?) are in every street, in every death on the pedestrian crossing, in every abusive car park, in every violent pimp, in every prescription, pardon, amnesty.

The diseases that were almost conquered in the Age of Enlightenment are coming back, leprosy, tuberculosis, are with us again. Also back are the usurers, the pawn shops and the ghettos. We’ve got modern Middle Ages.

You can ignore the news, you can turn off the TV for ever, but when it’s your turn you can no longer pretend nothing happens.

First, always think that the victims are the others.

The Italians could become incapable of controlling their reactions. Usually they suffer, stay silent, like dogs that are beaten.

But if the hospitals become cemeteries, the politicians convicts, the tribunals places of impunity, the taxes pay for do-nothings, the streets land of no one, the loans usury, work exploitation and death.

Even the Italian, chloroformised by the media, tools for the mass craziness of power. Even the Italian can catch fire like a straw dog.

It has already happened and it will happen again.

“Heaven and Earth are impartial;
They see the ten thousand things as straw dogs.
The wise are impartial;
They see the people as straw dogs.”

-Tao Te Ching

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