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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked raw 9/11 footage. Get it. Help preserve it!

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Over 50GB of choice quality 9/11 news videos were leaked at, and then promptly removed!

Here's the first revelation from this massive 9/11 live footage leak:

Help US seed this historical record on bitorrent. If you have segments missing from these 2 partial sets then please start a torrent.
For research and Fair Act purposes.

We have to preserve the historical record. (NSF operation) bailed on US. The 9/11 historical record supercedes ANY copyright, and obviously all of this stuff isn’t even available for purchase as the BBC has proven today on 2-27-07. There were many other raw newscasts buried in that “Petacluster” that are now all removed. These video files are the choicest quality possible.

>This collection:
9/11: 2:04-2:46PM

9/12: 10:09-10:51PM, 11:33PM-12:14

9/11: 11:21-12:02 & the BBC WTC7 file 4:54-5:36
9/13: 2:09-2:51PM, 4:09-4:51

Get bittorrent for free:

>The main collection (someone else's effort)[40GB]:

ABC7 Washington D.C.
9-11 - 8:51-11:18am, 3:28-4:51pm, 5:33-6:14pm, 8:20-9:01pm
9-12 - 11:33-12:14am
9-13 - 12:56-1:38am, 9:47-10:29pm

9-11 - 9:16am-12:44pm

CBS9 Washington D.C.
9-11 - 8:52-11:59am, 4:09-5:33pm, 6:14-6:56pm

9-11 - 9:29am-12:58pm

FOX5 Washington D.C.
9-11 - 8:52-11:59am, 4:51-5:33pm

NBC4 Washington D.C.
9-11 - 8:51-11:17am, 11:59-2:04pm, 4:51-5:33pm, 6:14-6:56pm

>Also get the ABC 5+ straight hours torrentS w/ timestamp: (part 7)


I say that one of the goals of the 9/11 Movement should be to push for a Congressional Act that forces the free public viewing of virtually all known raw 9/11 footage. They can do it off their websites and Google Video. Maybe even throw them a couple million if they have big archives like the news outfits and cameraplanet. Considering this years $530Billion “defense” budget, I’d say “We”(our taxation without representation) can afford to purchase all known footage to put it up on the tax-payer funded

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