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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Answer to Albanese

I am open to correcting the record with you. Answer my questions then. You still refuse to retract your claim I spread anti-semitic literature around St. Mark's. You and I both know that is a lie. Why should I then believe anything else you say?

>No Planes on 9/11

Show the proof Alba. Your story doesn't stand scrutiny. especially when that video was enlarged and slowed-down and the object *still* could not be seen. How did you see it at 5 miles?

None of the Media clips match each other Alba. They show what is physically impossible. Do you believe known laws of physical reality or do you believe what you are shown on TV?

Does Reality Change Depending On which Channel You Watch?
3 Channels, 3 Realities. TV News Manipulation Octopus 8

>Grainy Video

You're just like the guys who screamed "hanging chads" and pretended no one could determine whether a hole was punched or not - in order to steal the election.

When you say, "The video isn't clear." do you meanm " The video doesn't show the airplane that I know must be there." Same as the video of the Pentagon. Yea, it's clear. It's clearly does not show a Boeing 767.

Deconstructiong the Naudet Propaganda Film
Deconstructing the Naudets� propaganda film By Jerry Mazza Online Journal Associate Editor

Yea, the Vids is grainy because enlarged. And when it is *not* blown up, and showed at real speed, it *still* doesn't show anything definite. It still doesn't show a blooming 767. Where is your proof? Your story isn't consistent. Did you listen to the radio show about the "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast?

>calling witnesses liars.

I am doubting you are a witness because I fail to understand how you could see the event at 5 miles away. As well as see the 2nd event when it happened on the other side of the South tower which faced away from you. I'd like to gain admittance into your former office building and see what the vantage is from the top floor, where you say you were. If you were actually in good faith and open to scientific investigation you would agree to this. This is only fair considering the extent public videos do not match one another.

Does Reality Change Depending On which Channel You Watch?
3 Channels, 3 Realities. TV News Manipulation Octopus 8

As well as the extent to which the televized "witnesses" were nothing but bad actors:

There's another 2 examples but there are embedded in longer clips.

And you stated you saw the 2nd event with a "bank"

And there was not a airplane crash either at the Pentagon:

Pentagon Best Hits:

Nor at Shanksville:

Nor at World Trade Towers:

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