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Friday, February 16, 2007

Post to Joe Amigo indicating "I am a Victim"

John Albanese requested Joe provide him a copy of the video Joe took at St. Mark's Church showing a blow up/ rant by Nico Haupt. This is to ostensibly assist him in his lawsuit against Nico, since he claims Haupt has come to his house and threatened him family?!

However, I myself was already unjustly accused of "tailing" Albanese (As if), smearing Jewish people at St. Mark's Church (As If) , of harassing Albanese on-line when I attempt to set the record straight, which he is always bending to his own attack tactics.

John Albanese libeled me. I notified him him he must retract his statement about me: that I spread anti-semitic literature all over the Church. He refused to answer. Refused to back up his claim. And refused to retract his bold lie.

He also tried the "didn't we always like each other bit" on me also.

" i am just unsure who you and what you know to have taken this liberty of doing so."

Unsure of "what you know." ?

Truth slips out when he's not being careful.


Any suggestions for an answer?
Joe Amigo

Here is my response to Joe so far:
To: "joeamigo@xxxxxxx"
Subject: Re: john Albanese's response to my calling him a liar

"It is not i who posts daily blogs slandering people's reputations. "

This is certainly a lie. Except the part about blogs. He does it on 911blogger. site

He's so full of shit it's unbelievable.

I will pass this on to get some other people thinking about this and the proper response.
I'll also attempt to gather examples of what he does.

He certainly accused me both recently and in the past of things I most certainly have not done and have not stood for.

The bit about his wife is a little over-the-top. [Did their family lose anyone? I certainly did.]

He always pulls the "I was a victim of 9/11, how dare you?" when things get rough even though it really has nothing to do with whatever is the the question at hand - i.e. in this case, his lying.

All the best,

Begin forwarded message:

From: "JOhn Doe"
Date: February 15, 2007 10:13:52 AM EST
To: joeamigo@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Video availability

This response is quite unexpected. What exactly are you referring to when you call me a liar? Could you be referring to my signing of a statement back in June 2006 condemning Les Jamieson's distribution of the magazine Criminal Politics (a highly anti-semitic magazine)? He did in fact admit that he was responsible for distributing it.

I know that as a result of that confrontation a great amount of propaganda and distorted emails circulated accusing me of all sorts of things. but - really - the bottom line was that the magazine in question was unacceptable to many of our members - including myself

since that time, you may notice, i have not attended or participated in any events at St Marks church. i have had no interaction with you or this particular group - so frankly i think your comments are highly insensitive and out of line. YOu do not possess the knowledge of what has been happening over the last several weeks - and the threats i have received - so, i am unsure how you can defend such an insensitive comment and summarily dismiss me as a liar. this is outragiously insensitive.

I have been announcing a new film i am working on called "Disinformation in the Information Age." Since announcing this film my wife and i have received threatening phone calls - death threats in the mail - slanderous smears on websites - incitements to violence - and someone CAME TO MY APARTMENT AND TAPED THREATS TO MY FRONT DOOR.

Frankly, you have a lot of nerve claiming i am making a mountain out of a mole hill. I wonder HOW you can simply make such an accusation without knowing these facts?

Since the advent of these events i have received phonecalls from Les Jamieson seeking solidarity and support. He too is being harassed and slandered. I have also received the support of Rodney (a longstanding member of the NY movement) and Janice Matthews (the founder of who has called me and asked to JOIN ME in my legal actions.

It is interesting to NOTE that these same people who distributed emails accusing me of all sorts lf lies and manipulations are NOW supporting my efforts and seeking to join my legal actions.

I am unsure what information YOU possess that trumps any of this - other than perhaps emails that circulated from the very same group that now has kicked out Tom Foti as an infiltrator - and openly accused Luke of being an infiltrator as well. What does that tell you Joe?

I do not expect your help. as you mentioned - the video inquestion is not all that important - other than supporting Les' case of harassment and defilement of the CHURCH with swastikas (or so i am told).

But i find it personally insulting that you would accuse me in such a way when i have not been involved in the CIRCUS of events at St Marks Church for over 8 months. It appears the ONLY evidence you could POSSIBLY have against me is the word of those who NOW are engaged in cross accusations - infighting - and now turning to me for support.

If you would like to call Les Jamieson and determine if he is indeed working with me please call him directly. He called me earlier this week. If i am such a liar i am unsure why i am now being asked to help the NY group.

and lastly - you have always seemed like a kind person. i have always liked you and respected you. but - you should know that the only reason i am involved in 911 was the result of the trauma my wife and i experienced on that day. a little known fact about is that my wife was hospitalized multiple times after the attacks, and attempted suicide multiple times as a resut of those attacks. i would like you to understand the IMPACT of people taping threats to my front door - simply because i am doing a documentary on DISINFORMATION which SOME researchers like Haupt insist we must all believe. i would like you to consider the hurt this is inflicting on my wife.

no planes on 9/11 Mr. Friendly? If my opposing this absurd research results in my wife being terrorized at home, and you are unable to understand this, then you have lost my respect.

If there is anything legitimate that you would like to comment on - anything that i have done wrong - anything inappropriate - anything dishonest - please state it - because it is not i who shows up at St Marks Church disrupting. It is not i who posts daily blogs slandering people's reputations. it is not i who pollute the atmosphere with crazy theories and calls victims and witnesses LIARS simply for claiming they saw the planes. it is not i who invokes the holocaust by using imagery of concentration camps and swastikas to slander people's reputation.

i would ask you to reconsider your priorities and your comments to me. your email has hurt my feelings - and i am just unsure who you and what you know to have taken this liberty of doing so.

From: "joeamigo@xxxxxxxx"
To: JOhn Doe
Subject: Re: Video availability
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 01:05:26 -0500

I really don't see the relevance of the video you're asking for to a complaint along the lines you describe.
In particular, John, sounds like your complaining that Nico Haupt is threatening the safety of your family is making a mountain out of a molehill, if even that. You've already revealed a willingness to lie as it suits your purposes in earlier machinations, so I don't feel like playing along with this one.
Joe Amigo

On Feb 12, 2007, at 2:57 PM, JOhn Doe wrote:

HI Joe -

I was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the video footage of Nico Haupt disrupting St Marks Church. A rather vicious campaign of disruption and smears has been launched by MR Haupt, and he has violated the safety of my family. i must, unfortunately, take legal action and file a report. I was made aware that this tape exists - and my lawyer suggests that we include this in our complaint.

John Albanese

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