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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jerome Hauer

This is from my MySpace friend, Mark:

Connecting the dots....
Body: Jerome Hauer is being exposed as one of THE lead perpetrating lieutenants and overseers of the 911 crimes....

Firstly, here is a link to "The 911 Solution" on youtube as Google took it down.

This new video is great and I've noticed a connection between it and "Who Killed Jon Oneill."

Maybe this is obvious but if you didn't notice, Jerome Hauer is the "expert" who was at CBS the morning of 911 and who, in response to Dan Rather's question - "Could the planes alone have collapsed these buildings or would it have required the careful placement of explosives?" - quickly and with no analysis insists the planes alone caused collapse, then changes the subject.

This guy is the same Jerome Hauer who got Jon Oneill(foremost expert on Bin Laden and former head of FBI counter terrorist unit who resigned in the summer of 01')his ill-fated position at Kroll Associates, as head of security at the WTC. Thought that was intersting....

Here is a link to both vids...

911 Solution

Who killed Jon Oneil?

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